OST Staff Competencies

Philadelphia Staff Competencies

Philadelphia Out-of-School Time Staff Competencies and Content Areas

Officially released in November 2013, this document represents the work of a coalition of city wide professional development practitioners who reviewed existing research behind out-of-school time (OST) staff competencies.  The result of this multi-year effort is a comprehensive list of 9 Competency Areas, 28 Competencies, and 61 Content Areas.  


Overview of Philadelphia Out-of-School Time Staff Competencies

This document provides an introduction of the role of staff Competencies in the OST field, existing Competencies, as well as the process for creating the Philadelphia Out-of-School Time Staff Competencies. In addition, it suggests possible considerations and next steps for modifying, adopting, and/or utilizing the Philadelphia Competencies.  


Philadelphia Out-of-School Time Staff Competencies – Research References

With indicators, guiding questions, and external research sources, this document provides information on the research behind the formation of the Philadelphia Out-of-School Time Staff Competencies. Each Competency includes the various indicators and guiding research questions, as well as the various literary sources that informed the creation of that Competency.  


Addendum to the Philadelphia Out-of-School Time Staff Competencies

In November 2013, the Out-of-School Time Resource Center (OSTRC) released the final draft of the Philadelphia Out-of-School Time Staff Competencies. A draft version of this document was initially published in June 2010. This one-page addendum summarizes efforts in creating the final draft of the Philadelphia Competencies.



A Crosswalk Analysis of OST Competencies

This brief memo analyzes three such sets of competencies, established by the National AfterSchool Association, The Pennsylvania Early Learning Keys to Professional Development, and a collaborative of Philadelphia professional development practitioners. While there are some distinct differences between the three lists of core competencies, they fundamentally seek to highlight the necessary skills needed to provide high quality programming in the OST field.


OST Competencies: Reconciling Local, State, and National Staff Competencies

In an attempt to ascertain how other locales around the nation are reconciling their previously published OST Core Competencies with the recently released NAA competencies, the Out-of-School Time Resource Center (OSTRC) contacted all fourteen locales referenced in the Youth Work Core Competencies report, published by School’s Out Washington. This brief report summarizes the feedback from those locales coupled with feedback obtained during exploratory meetings with Philadelphia stakeholders.