Research & Evaluation

Professional Development Evaluation Toolkits

The OSTRC offers free access to these Toolkits to inform and support your efforts to create and customize your own evaluation instruments. Each Toolkit is research-based and informed by best practice from real-world testing.

Survey Toolkit. May 2013. A compilation of resources and research-based surveys to evaluate out-of school time (OST) professional development (PD) workshops and conferences.

Conference Evaluation Toolkit. March 2006. A Users Guide for Planning, Implementing and Analyzing a Conference Evaluation.


Professional Development Evaluation Surveys

These evaluation tools are designed to collect information on professional development opportunities for out-of-school time staff. They can be reproduced with permission from the OSTRC. If you would like to modify or distribute this survey, please contact OSTRC Project Manager John Price III or consultant Nancy Peter for assistance.

Workshop Survey

Conference Survey

Presenter Self-Assessment Tool

Background ResearchThis companion document to the OSTRC Conference and Workshop Surveys presents the research that supports the inclusion of each survey question. By understanding the reasoning behind each question, professional development planners can appreciate why individual questions are critical to measuring success. This, in turn, may help communicate the importance to other stakeholders, such as funders, administrators, presenters, and participants. Additionally, if surveys must be shortened because of time or space considerations, planners can more easily determine which questions to retain and which to eliminate. Lastly, it can help professional development planners interpret the results and, subsequently, understand which areas of their conferences and workshops need to be strengthened, reorganized, or otherwise modified.