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Additional STEM Resources

The OSTRC offers information about local STEM-related professional development opportunities for staff; and about outreach programs and field trip destinations for staff and students.

STEM Professional Development

Philadelphia. To search for STEM-specific workshops, conferences, webinars, and other types of professional development (PD), visit the OSTRC's Online PD Calendar. Narrow your search using key words such as "Science" or "STEM;" and/or by sponsoring organizations such as "Academy of Natural Sciences," "Pennsylvania Horticultural Society," or "Let's Read Math." You can also filter PD opportunities by date, student population, location, price and several additional criteria.

Pennsylvania. To search for STEM-related workshops throughout Pennsylvania, visit PAKeys. Once you you have accessed the website, you must log in and click on "Calendar" in the left-hand column. You can then search for trainings by topic, date, region, etc. For detailed instructions on how to use the PAKeys Professional Development Calendar, click HERE.

Webinars. These webinars are offered by various providers and cover topics (such as STEM) pertaining to OST, afterschool, and youth development. Opportunities are designed for direct-service, administrative, and/or capacity- building staff. The OSTRC adds a continuous stream of new webinars each week, so check back often. 

Step 1: Go
Step 2: Click on “Search for Trainings”
Step 3: **Under “Type,” select “Web Based/On-line”
Step 4: Click on “Apply”

**Tip: Make sure the date range is set to your desired target (Year, Month, Week, etc.).


STEM Outreach Programs

The OSTRC's Traveling Services Directory features several STEM-related outreach programs that will travel to and directly engage OST students. To search for STEM-related outreach services, consult the Table of Contents (pp.2-3) and search for titles that include words such as science, technology environment, and outdoors - or simply peruse the entire document.

STEM Field Trip Destinations

To search for STEM-related field trip options in the Philadelphia area, consult the OSTRC's Regional Field Trip Directory. Of the 70-plus destinations listed in the Table of Contents (pp.2-3), many focus on activities and exhibits pertaining to STEM education. Listings include science and technology museums, environmental education centers, arboreta, aquaria, stables, and public utility plants.

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